Greek, Hebrew and Early Printing: A Polonsky Foundation Digitization Project

Between 2012 and 2017, the Bodleian Libraries and the Vatican Library collaborated to digitize 1.5 million images of manuscripts and early printed books. The project was funded by The Polonsky Foundation, and was the first large-scale collaborative effort of its kind. The 1,567 items here represent the Bodleian's output from the project.

Collections were selected for digitization based on areas of shared strength between the two libraries: Hebrew manuscripts, Greek manuscripts, and incunabula or 15th-century printed books, primarily ones printed in Italy. In order to maximize the scholarly usefulness of the digital resource, whole shelfmark collections were digitized where possible. Over the five years of the project, the Bodleian was able to digitize nearly the entire Barocci collection of Greek manuscripts; nearly the entire Canonici, Huntington, Kennicott, Marshall, Marsh and Reggio collections of Hebrew manuscripts; and more than 500 printed books, including the Bodleian's copy of the Gutenberg Bible.

Other highlights include the Douce Pliny, the Kennicott Bible, and MS. Barocci 170, a richly illustrated copy of Leo the Wise's Oracula.