Keble College

Three manuscripts from the library at Keble College, including its greatest treasure, the 13th century Regensburg Lectionary.

The Special Collections at Keble boast over 14,000 items, dating mainly from the 13th – 20th centuries. Included are bequests of Early Printed Books and manuscripts, as well as the personal library of John Keble. Spanning the range of liturgical, theological and philosophical subjects, the early print collections form an invaluable primary and secondary resource for scholars working on Christian thought, literature and history. Many of the books were amassed during the early years of the College’s life and were donated by Victorian and Edwardian collectors sympathetic to the intellectual aims of the College. The Library’s collection of 90 manuscripts and 100 incunabula is particularly fine for a young college - we were founded in 1870 - and includes missals, breviaries, lectionaries and books of hours.

Over the past five years, a major project has been to digitise and make accessible our College treasure, the hyper-illustrated Regensburg Lectionary, which is available here. Further information on the Regensburg Lectionary and Digitisation Project can be found on the College website.