Digital Bodleian Data API Specification (1.0.0)

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Fulltext Queries

Fulltext queries are performed by setting the value of the q parameter in the querystring. Complex operations for filtering can be accomplished by using Lucene query syntax in the fq parameter, e.g., fq=(collections:"Arabic" OR collections:"Western). This has been tested with AND, OR, and NOT operators. Multiple fq parameters provided will be treated as AND statements.

The response is an object that can be parsed for a page of search results. The member key contains an array of search results, if any were found. Results to a query are sorted by relevance by default in this array. The sorting of the array can be controlled with the sort query parameter.

query Parameters
Enum: "binding" "collections" "contents" "date" "decorations" "description" "hands" "holding-institution" "inscriptions" "languages" "materials" "musical-notation" "provenance" "shelfmark" "titles" "architects" "people" "artists" "authors" "cartographers" "commentators" "composers" "compilers" "draughtsmen" "editors" "engravers" "former-owners" "illustrators" "origins" "patrons" "photographers" "printers" "publishers" "sitters" "translators" "performers"
Example: q=unicorns

A fulltext search query. This supports some Lucene search syntax, such as the fuzzy operator (~). Phrases can be searched by surrounding them in quotation marks. Field-specific queries from the list above work, as do the boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT, e.g., ?q=talmud NOT collections:"Arabic" AND date:[1700 TO *].

Example: page=10

The page number.

Enum: "collections" "completeness" "origins" "languages" "has-musical-notation"
Example: fq=collections:"Arabic"&fq=(collections:"Arabic" OR collections:"Western)&fq=date:[700 TO 900]

A filter to apply to the query. Use this with Lucene syntax to filter on a given value, e.g., completeness:Yes for completely digitised objects or has-musical-notation:No for objects without musical notation. Fields from the list above are supported. Multiple fq parameters provided will be treated as AND statements. For dates, date:[1250 TO 1350] represents the inclusive range 1250-01-01 to 1350-12-31, and date:[* TO 1350] means 'up to and including 1350'. Note that these ranges are inclusive on both ends.

Enum: "relevance" "shelfmark" "published" "date"
Example: sort=date desc

Controls the sort order of the results. relevance desc (default) will sort the results in order from most to least relevant. shelfmark will sort the results first by institution, then by shelfmark in alphanumeric order. published desc will sort by most recently digitized first. date asc will sort by creation date. Each of these can be reversed using asc or desc.

Enum: "20" "40" "100"

The number of results per page.


Response samples

Content type


Retrieve a Digital Bodleian Collection

Digital Bodleian collections are retrieved by accessing this route using a GET request and submitting a string containing the collection name, e.g., /collections/western-medieval-manuscripts.

path Parameters
Example: western-medieval-manuscripts

The name of the collection


Response samples

Content type