Suffolk Charters

Over 1600 charters and rolls from the Bodleian Suffolk Charters collection (MS. Ch. Suffolk and MS. Rolls Suffolk), digitized in full with funding from the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History.

The collection contains all charters, deeds and legal rolls relating to the English county of Suffolk held at the Bodleian, dating from the 12th to 18th centuries. The documents cover a wide range of legal agreements, many relating to the ownership and use of land and property in the county.

Most of the descriptions are based on the 1878 Calendar of charters and rolls preserved in the Bodleian Library, by W.H. Turner and H.O. Coxe, or handwritten index cards produced by Bodleian staff during the 20th century. Corrections can be submitted to the Bodleian at, and to the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History at

A full online catalogue of charters up to c.1800 held at the Bodleian, including the most up-to-date descriptions of the Suffolk Charters, is available at Charters in the Bodleian Libraries.