1,300 posters from the Conservative Party Archive and the Oxfam Archive.

The Bodleian Libraries' collections contain thousands of posters. These usually form part of much larger archives, and they are especially common in the archives of organisations. Here you will find over a thousand images of posters drawn from two of the Bodleian’s largest archives:

  • Posters from the archive of Oxfam GB date from the 1960s. These are important records of the charity's campaigns, as well as evidence of how Oxfam GB has developed its communications with the public over time.
  • Political posters of the Conservative Party, which form part of the party's archive, provide an important visual record of British politics in the 20th and 21st centuries. The main collection dates back to the Conservatives' attack on Lloyd George's People's Budget and support for the Tariff Reform League in 1909, but includes earlier posters back to 1886.

Further posters held by the Bodleian Libraries, and yet to be digitized, may be located by searching Bodleian Archives & Manuscripts. Posters may also be found among the John Johnson collection of printed ephemera.