Manuscripts from the collection of the Coke family, Earls of Leicester, at Holkham Hall.

MSS. Holkham misc. 1-46 were purchased by the Library in October 1956 with the aid of the Pilgrim Trust (Bodleian Library Record 6/1 (October, 1957), 340-1). 108 Greek manuscripts at Holkham were purchased by the Library in June 1954 with help from the Dulverton Trust. One manuscript (MS. 89) was in five parts, so the total number of volumes was 112, now MSS. Holkham Gr. 1-112 (Bodleian Library Record 5/2 (October, 1954), 61-3). MS. Holkham Gr. 113 was bought with MSS. Holkham misc. in 1956. MSS. Holkham Gr. 114-116 stayed at Holkham until 1981. In that year they (along with MSS. Holkham misc. 47-53) were accepted by H.M. Treasury from the executors of the 5th Earl of Leicester and allocated to the Bodleian by the Secretary of State for Education and Science (Bodleian Library Record 10/6 (May, 1982), 327-38). A further Greek MS. from Holkham is British Library, Add. MS. 47674.