Close XYL-7 St Barbara

[Southern Germany, c.1450–60]. Woodcut.

 Schr. 1260d. St Barbara, with a halo, is portrayed standing, raising up a chalice with the host in her left hand, while she grips her robe with her right hand. Double-lined frame. Unique copy.

ills. Illustrated Bartsch (Supplement), 164.1260–4; Bodleian Filmstrip Roll 245, no. 9.

refs. Schreiber, Handbuch, VIII 75; Dodgson, Ashmolean, 32 (Bodl.6).

copy One sixteenth of a sheet. 110 × 75/6 mm (woodcut 72 × 54 mm). Chain-lines horizontal. No watermark. Printed in black ink on one side of the paper by rubbing. Coloured in dull brown, greenish yellow, and pink (all badly faded). The crown, nimbus, and chalice are gold over a red ground. Pasted to the upper pastedown, which is otherwise completely blank, of a paper manuscript in 4o of Rudolf von Liebegg (Rudolfus de Liebegg), Pastorale novellum (with glosses) (214 × 152 mm), written in a southern German cursive hand and dated 1418. The parchment pastedowns of the manuscript are the blank versos of charters, that inside the upper board with the name of an addressee ‘Bertoldus’.

refs. SC 21707; Douce Legacy, 168–70 no. 245; Watson, Dated and Datable MSS Oxford, no. 459; Nicholson no. 105.

Binding: Fifteenth-century inboard binding. 220 × 150 × 58 mm. Red, surface-stained tawed sheep over beech boards, the covering now much worn. One copper-alloy catch plate to upper board and a copper-alloy anchor plate to the lower board, the strap and clasp now lost. An intact iron, four-link chain with ring and staple is attached to the head-edge of the lower board. A rectangular patch on the upper board, lighter in colour than the surrounding leather, may indicate a lost label. Now kept in a brown linen-covered box made at the Bodleian and dated Apr. 1983.

Provenance: Würzburg, Bavaria, Conventual Franciscans, Inventio crucis. Francis Douce (1757–1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834. Acquired by Douce at an anonymous sale, which he recorded on the title-page of his copy of the catalogue as ‘the property of Halbach’ (London: Evans, 8 Feb. 1832), lot 752. The previous item in the sale catalogue, lot 751, is a similarly chained volume, MS. Douce 58, also containing a woodcut, for which see XYL-22, and has an octagonal, dark blue label on the spine, identical with that on the spine of this manuscript; MS. Douce 58 is known to come from the library of the Franciscan convent in Würzburg.

shelfmark: MS. Douce 133, upper pastedown.