Close XYL-29 St Mary Magdalen

 [Southern Germany (Augsburg?), c.1470–80]. Woodcut.

 Schr. 1603c. The ecstasy of St Mary Magdalen. The saint, portrayed with a halo and her body covered with hair, is raised up by four angels. Single-lined frame. Unique copy. Plausibly described by Nicholson as Swabian, but his suggestion for dating (‘c.1450?’), later changed by an annotator of his catalogue to ‘1470–80’, is too early; Schreiber proposes c.1470.

ills. Bodleian Filmstrip Roll 245, no. 11.

refs. Dodgson, Ashmolean, 32 (Bodl.7); Schreiber, Handbuch, VIII 94; Nicholson no. 103.

copy One sixteenth of a chancery sheet. 85 × 68 mm (woodcut 65 × 51 mm). Chain-lines horizontal. Printed on the reverse of a leaf of paper printed in two columns with typographic text (unidentified). Coloured in red, yellow, green, and grey. Pasted to the first leaf (fol. [a1r]), otherwise completely blank, of Jacobus Magni, Sophilogium (Strasbourg: Printer of Henricus Ariminensis (Georg Reyser?), c.1476), in folio (302 × 200 mm), for which see M-013 (first copy). Old worm-holes in the lower right-hand corner, not matched in the host volume, are an indication of reuse.

Binding: For full details of the fifteenth-century binding, blind-tooled half calf over wooden boards from the workshop of Jörg Schapf in Augsburg, see M-013.

Provenance: Martinus Hegelin of Augsburg; inscription in a late fifteenth-century hand. Hammelburg, Thuringia, Franciscans (purchased 1666). For full details see M-013.

shelfmark: Auct. 6Q 4.20, fol. [air].