Close XYL-16 Crucifixion (T-cross) with The Virgin and St John

 [Switzerland or Germany (Basel?), c.1487]. Woodcut.

 Schr. 379/4684. Christ hanging from a T-cross, affixed by four nails, his head surrounded by a nimbus of lilies, the loincloth fluttering on either side. Mary stands to his right, holding an inscribed roll in her right hand, and John the Evangelist to his left, barefoot, holding a closed book in his hands, both with round haloes. The inscription on a curling banderole affixed at the head of the cross reads ‘’. At the base of the cross, on the stony foreground, a skull. The woodcut is attested in numerous printed missals from the press of Michael Wenssler in the years 1486–8; see Heitz, Kanonbilder, 17 no. 17, and the Bodleian copy of the Missale Sarum s.a. [Basel: Michael Wenssler, 1488?] (M-272), [n1v].

ills. Heitz, Kanonbilder, pl. 14; Schramm XXI pl. 4 ill. 8; Bodleian Filmstrip Roll 245, no. 7.

refs. Schreiber, Manuel, I 107; V 114; Schreiber, Handbuch, I 123; Dodgson, Ashmolean, 33; Schramm XXI 5; Nicholson no. 79.

copy Parchment. 342 × c.230 mm (woodcut 243 × 164 mm). Printed in black ink in a press on one side of the parchment. Coloured in red, blue, green, yellow, brown, purple, olive, silver, and black. Bound in, with the printed side as a verso, after fol. [***8] of the Missale Coloniense (Basel: Michael Wenssler, 1487); printed on median paper in folio (342 × 231 mm); see M-253. The woodcut faces the opening of the canon of the Mass on fol. [****1r]; parchment stub visible before fol. [***1].

Binding: For details of the nineteenth-century Bodleian binding of the host volume, see M-253.

Provenance: Joseph Niesert (1766–1841), 1818; for his inscription see M-253; sale (1843), lot 275. See Books Purchased (1843), 34.

shelfmark: Auct. 6Q 1.15, after [***8].