Blockbooks Themes

Douce 249 - fol. 8r (plate d2) - (above) Opening of the first seal: the rider on a white horse (Revelation 6:1-2); (below) Opening of the second seal: the rider on a red horse (Revelation 6:3-4)


Auct. M 3.14 - fol. I1, verso  - Watermark: Bulls head with eyes and nostrils, single-contoured staff and cross. (Beta-radiograph image).

Letters in wood

Gough Missals 177 -  fol. C1, verso -  Christ blesses a Monk. The risen Christ stands facing the onlooker on the right of the image, holding a cross staff in his left hand and displaying his wounds. He is portrayed as if hovering above the ground, his right hand raised in blessing. To his right a smaller, tonsured figure kneels before him in prayer. In the background a walled town with two church steeples. Inscribed on a banderole is the petition Te petimus criste no|bis faueas p(er)egrinis D S, whereby the kneeling figure seeks protection for pilgrims. Double-lined frame. [France (?), c.1500]

Pictures in Print