BB-7 Canticum Canticorum

[Edition II]. Incipit:Osculet(ur) me osculo oris sui q(ui)a meliora sunt vbera tuaviro [!]: (pl.1, upper register). A cycle of 32 pictures representing the Brides encounter with the Bridegroom, arranged in two registers on 16 plates, with inscriptions on banderoles, based on motifs from the Song of Songs. Outside the blockbook tradition this distinctive ensemble of texts and images is known only from a cycle of wall paintings dating from about 1350 on the gallery of the church of Cistercian nuns at Chełmno in Poland.

[Germany, c.1469-70]. Chancery folio.
16 leaves, all with woodcuts and xylographic text. This edition is closely associated, on the basis of common paper stocks and by the occurrence of these editions together in Sammelbnde, with Apocalypse edition V and Biblia pauperum edition X.

Dimensions: 249 x 180 mm (pl. 1). In its present state this copy consists of 16 separate leaves, trimmed to the frame of the woodcut, and mounted with the printed pages as rectos of a late eighteenth-century album. Coloured in green, yellow, two shades of brown, dull and bright red, and black-brown, probably by the same hand that executed the colouring of BB-6. The versos, formerly pasted together, are blank. The leaves are bound in the order 1-4, 9-10, 5-6, 11-12, 7-8, 13-16 (Schreibers counting).

Binding: Late eighteenth-century album, for the Bodleian Library. 354 x 284 x 19 mm. Blind-and gold-tooled centrepiece inboard binding by the London binder Heinrich Walther, probably dating from the 1790s. Blue straight-grained tanned morocco over millboard. Each trimmed woodcut is inlaid into a support sheet (342 x 274 mm) without any overlap, and held in place by pasting a second sheet across the entire verso, a black ruled ink line disguising the join.

Provenance: Franciscus Junius (1589-1677). Bequeathed in 1677. Formerly kept together with BB-6 as MS. Junius 31.

Shelfmark: Auct. M 3.12.

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