BB-6 Biblia Pauperum

[Edition XI]. Incipit: Legit(ur) in genesi .iij. ca(pitul)o q(uod) dixit d(omi)n(u)s serpenti super pect(us) tuu(m) gradier(is) et postea ibidem legitur de serpe(n)te et muliere . . . Edition XI is one of two which represent the fourth group of Biblia pauperum blockbooks, and is only to be distinguished from edition X by a single pair of leaves, plates .i. and .k., which have been recut.

[Germany, c.1470]. Chancery folio.
40 leaves, all with woodcuts and xylographic text
Dimensions: 258 x 190 mm (pl. a). In its present state this copy consists of 40 separate leaves, trimmed to the frame of the woodcut, and mounted with the printed pages as rectos in a late eighteenth-century album. Printed in deep-brown ink on one side of the paper by rubbing.The state of the blocks is similar to that of the Berlin copy, but several details and a break at the bottom of pl. n (leading to loss of the letter V inV9) indicate that the Bodleian copy is a later impression.

Binding: Late eighteenth-century album, for the Bodleian Library. 354 x 284 x 19 mm. Blind-and gold-tooled centrepiece inboard binding by the London binder Heinrich Walther, probably dating from the1790s. This and the matching binding on BB-7 stand out among the Walther bindings made for the Bodleian on account of their wealth of intricate tooling, which, when taken together with the laborious and expensive mounting method, may indicate that these books were particularly valued.

Provenance: Franciscus Junius (1589-1677). Bequeathed in 1677. Formerly kept together with BB-7 as MS. Junius 31

Shelfmark: Arch. G c.14.

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